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Online Registration for FALL 2021 Team Commitments

Please select a registration for each team you are submitting below.  Each one is age and gender specific. Profiles have been set up for each Club.   Please REGISTER YOUR TEAM under the club profile and not a personal profile. If you need access to the club profile, contact Karen to set it up.  Please try and not to use your personal profile.  Check with your club president, registrar or whomever has completed the registration in the past to obtain the correct log in information if need be but it can be reset if you contact Karen at kandew1@charter.net.  These profiles will show up as participants.   When entering a team name on the actual registration, please use the club name first and then use the first letter of the last name of the coach or the mascot.  For example, enter Wolcott for team name  and then Eagles so your team name is the Wolcott Eagles or Wolcott P.  Please do not enter "boys U14" or the like.  It just makes it harder to decipher what club you are with.  You will receive a receipt for each team entered - THIS IS YOUR INVOICE YOU USE FOR PAYMENT.   Your team registration is not complete until payment is received for all teams. THERE IS AN OPTION FOR CREDIT CARD PAYMENTS - EACH TEAM YOU REGISTER CAN BE PROCESSED WITH A CREDIT CARD - WE HIGHLY SUGGEST USING THIS METHOD.

Website help can be obtained by contacting Karen Puskas at kandew1@charter.net